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Have your students sell them to friends and family as well as community members. Don’t forget to promote your event in advance to let donors know why you’re fundraising. Many businesses are more than happy to host your fundraiser, and chain restaurants often have special programs just for fundraising. If your students are young, include child care as an added incentive to get parents to come. Facebook fundraisers are so effective because they help you catch your supporters’ attention where they are—social media! Simply set up a fundraising page on Facebook on behalf of your school or school group.
Before the holiday season gets into full swing, have members of your organization sell wrapping paper to their friends, parents, grandparents, neighbors, and anyone else who wants it. Ties are a popular choice for Father’s Day gifts, but it’s no fun to receive the same style tie year after year. Help your supporters change it up by hosting a Father’s Day Tie Swap. Every participant pays an admission fee and brings a tie to swap. Sell your holiday cards in your nonprofit’s Shopify store, or have them give a small donation directly through your website.
Instead of providing funds in response to employee donations, companies contributing volunteer grants offer funds based on hours their employees volunteer with nonprofit causes. This is an excellent way to collect increased corporate revenue while simultaneously engaging your school’s volunteers in new and unique ways. So even if you bought wrapping paper at last year’s fundraiser, you’re very likely to need more this year. Preschool and elementary school parents find themselves attending dozens of kids’ birthday parties every year, so the need for birthday gift wrap is never going away.
If you’re not sure how to reach out to a company for sponsorship, check out these fundraising letter templates from Qgiv. Squarespace recognizes these challenges and in turn developed a nonprofit fundraising website that streamlines the content creation process altogether. Squarespace is a world-class fundraising website platform that’s trusted by hundreds of nonprofits looking to spread their mission and collect donations.
The program provides a framework for global goals and solutions while supporting their teams to achieve local impact. United Airlines offers cash support to eligible nonprofits on a limited basis. American Airlines gives customers AAdvantage miles for donating to select organizations. American Airlines also sponsors military nonprofits and uses its fleet for special missions that support veterans or active military members who are wounded, ill, or hospitalized. IMF gives grants to organizations that focus on providing people with educational and economic opportunities.
For best results, tie your monetary goal to your overall fundraising goals (e.g. $10,000 will help us buy 20 computers). non profit fundraising is similar to a live auction but relies on an online auction platform and takes place entirely online. Participants can browse items online and then place bids and outbid others.